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Brad Swineheart

Brad Swineheart

Executive Vice President of Business Development at White Glove

Brad Swineheart is the Executive VP of Business Development for White Glove.

He has helped grow the client success team at White Glove from 12 employees to now over 50 highly trained seminar coaches and account managers. Guiding the team that is working with over 1500 advisors who have completed over 10k seminars.

Now in his primary role, Brad oversees creating strategic partnerships with financial institutions all across the US and Canada. Meeting with decision makers and C-level executives at financial firms and other professional service companies to build relationships on behalf of White Glove.

Helping to find a way to help advisors grow their bottom line without doing a ton of work and taking on a lot of risk.

White Glove offers a comprehensive program that gives professionals all across the United States and Canada the tools they need to gain more clients, increase ROI and significantly improve their practice. As the pioneer of a 100% done-for-you, turnkey, risk-free, triple guaranteed seminar planning and digital marketing program, White Glove helps professionals (personal finance and insurance advisors, realtors and attorneys) transform their business through educational seminars. White Glove is the only digital marketing company specializing in seminars that is advisor-owned. The company also partners with a variety of industry experts to offer essential services to professionals, including practice management, client nurturing, presentation and digital marketing training, financial education, social media management and content/websites. White Glove serves as a business growth hub where professionals can come to one place for everything they need to grow and thrive.

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