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Maryam Habashi

Maryam Habashi

Mentor/Founder at INFUSE Theory

My professional roadmap continues to be a journey…with decades of experience in sales and leadership roles, dedicating fifteen of those years in the insurance industry.

First Female Regional Director for a Fortune 500 insurance company, President and CEO for an insurance investment brokerage firm, and co-author of “Pure Wealth”, 26 crazy ways to profitability. I hold a BA in Business Marketing and a Masters’ in Education.

Having various roles in sales and leadership came with its own responsibilities, expectations, challenges, and achievements. Promotions such as moving up the corporate ladder or growing my team from zero to hundreds of producers was never simply handed to me, rather earned, based on exemplarily performance.

Today as the Founder of INFUSE theory, a business coaching development platform specializing in sales, leadership, and management systems best practices, I am prepared to pair up with those who believe that achieving success is inevitable; making the commitment to never give up!

Proven best practices tailored for any individual, team, or size company regardless of tenure who continue to strive for excellence in the advancement towards personal, professional, and financial growth.  Each method discussed starts with having the right mindset “the Why” for effective sales and leadership best practices. Next, broken-down with clear explanations of “What, How, and When” for the promise of explosive peak performance. 

I am mother of three amazing kids ranging from ages 12-20 and have been married to my supportive husband for 24 years.