Richard Donado

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Richard Donado

Richard Donado

President and General Agent at MassMutual NJ-NYC

Rich Donado was appointed Asst. General Agent of MassMutual New Jersey-NYC on Jan 1st, 2019. As a financial services industry veteran of almost 20 years, Rich has a successful track record of both management and personal production.  In his most recent roles Rich has recruited and led a group of highly productive managers and advisors.   Rich’s focus continues to be his passion for bringing new advisors into our industry and helping experienced advisors reach new heights. Current responsibilities include Financial Planning, Compliance, Sales Systems, Investment Department, Development of Firm Managers, Staff & Growth of New and Experienced Advisors. 

Rich began his career on Wall St. while interning as a Sophomore in college and within 5 years had achieved President’s Level production at his firm.  After entering management Rich quickly rose to be one of the Top Sales Managers nationally.   Over the next 7 years Rich recruited and led teams that would have him ranked in the Top 5 Nationally while receiving both company and industry awards. Rich was named General Agent of MassMutual Nebraska in July 2015 and led that organization for 2 years before returning back home to New Jersey and joining MassMutual New Jersey-NYC.

During his 20 years Rich has received the following awards.

During his tenure with Prudential, Rich’s accomplishments have included:

  • The GAMA Silver Award (5 Times).
  • The GAMA Bronze Award (Twice).
  • The GAMA International Management Platinum Award
  • 1 Chairman’s Signature Services (Top 5 Teams).
  • 3 President’s Citations (Top 5 Team-Based on Production).
  • 2 President’s Signature Services (Top 15 Teams).
  • 1 Leader’s Signature Service (Top 25 Teams).
  • 3 Life Concierge Awards (Top 20 Producing Life Teams)


 He and his wife Evelyn reside in Long Valley, NJ with their 2 boys RJ and Mike.