The International Celebration of Excellence Awards

GAMA Banquet

The Celebration of Excellence Awards Banquet honors the achievements of individuals, both domestic and international, that are making a noticeable difference within their firm/agency and community. Those honored include the GAMA International Management Hall of Fame inductee, recipients of the James H. Krueger First in Class Award, recipients of the Brian H. Early Frontline Excellence Award, and the international recipients of the GAMA Leadership Awards.

Induction into the GAMA International Management Hall of Fame is the highest honor given by the financial services industry to recognize an individual field leader whose professional career has been spent building a field organization and serving the industry. The prestigious award is presented to one individual annually.

GAMA created the First in Class Award in 2000 to recognize first-line leaders in the insurance, investment, and financial services industry who have led their agencies or firms to the number one position in their company during the preceding year. Recipients are nominated by their home offices and companies are urged to nominate field leaders who excel as leaders in both their careers and their communities.

The Frontline Excellence Award, which debuted in 2010, recognizes field leaders who have shown exemplary performance in their current frontline positions and are considered to be emerging leaders in their companies. The award is named after the late Brian Early of Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company, an especially active GAMA member who had a powerful passion for helping emerging leaders grow and develop.

GAMA International is a global organization and the GAMA Leadership Awards program recognizes international firms, agencies, and individuals for their excellence throughout the insurance, investment, and financial services industry. GAMA International chapter enthusiasm is at an all-time high as international members take a moment to recognize the work and dedication of colleagues around the globe.