What's New at LAMP '20!

what’s new

Enhanced Exhibit Hall

Our newly branded exhibit hall,The Exchange, is an updated, interactive space that will facilitate more networking, learning, and exploration. This one-of-a-kind space will be a hub of connectivity at LAMP!



LAMP’s technology has been revamped with enhanced registration and an improved mobile app, making it easier than ever to make lasting connections and grow your networks.



Launching at LAMP ’20, Communities will give members access to podcasts, live events, videos, articles, and discussions designed specifically to reflect the interests and experiences of those represented.

Join the communities that resonate with you and connect with other members with similar perspectives and challenges. As a registered attendee, you get first dibs at enrolling in the communities of your choice.

New Schedule

For the first time, LAMP will be a three day event, with official meeting programing to conclude on Tuesday, March 24. We are tightening up our schedule so that we can deliver you the best and most efficient conference experience. Check out the new schedule here!